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How to inflate confetti balloons with helium

There is no doubt that confetti balloons, especially the jumbo helium-filled varieties are trending at parties everywhere. Who doesn't love them? They're gorgeous, they add a pop of colours into your space, and lastly, confetti, in general, is associated with special celebration.

There are two types of confetti that you can fill your clear balloons with - tissue paper or metallic. Each type of confetti must be inflated in certain ways to get the best result. We personally love metallic because they're a lot easier to work with, but we must say that paper confetti has that certain quirkiness to them that we cannot resist! They both have their places depending on the occasion you're celebrating.

To inflate metallic confetti balloons, you need hi-float. First, squeeze the right amount of hi-float gel into your balloon and gently massage them around. Avoid rubbing too hard that you create tiny bubbles as this will allow helium to escape quicker. Then using a funnel, pour appropriate amount of confetti into your balloon. Try to do this in one quick motion and do not move confetti around once they're inside the balloon to prevent clumping. Now inflate your balloons with helium, gently shaking your balloon to distribute confetti evenly. And that's it! Didn't we say that was easy?

To inflate paper confetti balloons, there are two ways to do it. One is without hi-float. Put an appropriate amount of confetti into your balloon using a funnel. Pre-inflate your balloon with air to create static on the confetti so it's easier for them to stick later on. Deflate and now inflate your balloon with helium. If you're inflating a 36" balloon, you can do 60/40 helium/air as the air will help the confetti to stick on the inside of the balloon. With 24" balloon, we like to use mostly helium with a little bit of air to ensure we don't compromise float time. The purpose of adding air here is to create static as with pure helium this will not be possible. When your balloon is inflated, rub the balloon gently with a dry hand or woollen scarf. Some people suggested rubbing against your hair which actually WORKS but yea we'll stick with the scarf! You notice that confetti will start sticking on the balloon better. The problem with this method is that we can't guarantee how long confetti will stick on the balloon. If you shake the balloon, a lot of them will fall off.

So you're left with option #2 that is using hi-float. Now it is recommended that you don't use hi-float with paper confetti which is true if you don't know what you're doing. The trick here is to use just the right amount of gel. Too much and your confetti will clump and look wet, too little and your confetti will not stick. Play around with how much gel you need. 

We know we went through some trial and error with confetti balloons, they can be temperamental but we still love them because they are beautiful! Hope this helps.