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Balloon float time

Helium Balloons

We will advise you to order your balloons on the day of the event. Should you order your balloons the day before and found they go down earlier than expected, we cannot take any responsibility as different factors can affect helium gas and this is out of our control. We will not recommend ordering your balloons more than 1 day in advance. 

The following list is a rough guide. Please note there may be variations in real life.

  • Personalised bubble balloon - up to 7 days with proper handling*
  • Standard size latex balloons without hi-float - 12 hours
  • Standard size latex balloons with hi-float - 2-3 days but they will shrink in size overnight
  • Jumbo latex balloon - up to 3-4 days 
  • Jumbo confetti balloon - 3-4 days (tassels will reduce float time)
  • Personalised jumbo latex balloon - 1 day (text will be wrinkly overnight)
  • Personalised foil orb - 3-4 days
  • Personalised foil heart - 3-4 days
  • Personalised foil cube - 3-4 days
  • Personalised clear balloon - 1 day (text will be wrinkly overnight)
  • Giant number balloons - between 3-5 days
  • Large character balloons - up to 7 days

 *The most common cause for bubble balloon's early deflation is placing the balloon against a wall with rough surface. Brickwall, chipped paint or even a crack on the wall may cause tear on the balloon. 99% of the balloons sent back to us all have a nick or scratch on them which in turns causing leakage.

**Do not leave balloons in the car on a hot day or near a heater as this can make them pop as helium expands


Balloon Garland 

Balloon garlands are air-filled and therefore can last weeks and weeks if kept indoor. Their appearance however, will start to deteriorate after 3-5 days as in balloons will start loosing their natural shine and their volume shrink slightly. We would recommend installing your garland the night before at the earliest.

The lifetime of an outdoor garland are dependant on the weather at a given day. We would recommend installing your garland on the day of the event and assume they will only last for the day. On a very hot days some balloons may start popping. On a wet day, balloons can stick to each other and pop.

Please note that balloons will also oxidise quicker outside, due to coming in contact with air and sun, given them dull or velvety appearance. Generally balloons will loose their shine in about an hour if placed outside.