Balloon Garland FAQ

How much does your garland cost?

Garland pricing starts at $80 per meter for standard colours or $100 for custom colours. For example of work and colour schemes, please see our gallery. Pricing includes any confetti balloons and standard sized orbs, while large orbs may incur extra cost. We have a 3-meter minimum length which is what most people order. 

How much does delivery cost? 

Delivery cost varies depending on location. We typically charge $40 for South East suburbs and $60-80 for Bayside & CBD, $100 elsewhere. Bigger order may incur extra cost. 

Do you deliver as well as install the garland? 

Yes we certainly do. We deliver our garland mostly preassembled and inflate the jumbo balloons on site. We then install the garland on the agreed location, adding any finishing touch if required. Typical installation takes about 1-2 hours depending on length. 

How do you install the garland? 

We need to be able to hang the garland. We use removable Command hooks for residential locations. Venues don't normally allow these hooks so the options are: we use existing fixtures on the wall if available, customers hire a backdrop from another vendor, or customers hire a half-arch frame from us. Please note: we will not be liable for any damage to the wall caused by improper removal of the hooks. 

Do you put away the balloons after the party is finished? 

Normally customers or the venue will be happy to put them away themselves. Return fee will be charged should we have to come back and bump the balloons out.

How long do these garlands last? 

We would recommend installing the garland up to a day before the party given that they're kept indoor, however on the day would be best. They can last up to a week or two, but the balloons will start to oxidise and lose their natural shine after a few days. Outdoor garland will only last for the day.