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Balloon Varieties

Single-layer balloons (standard colours)

Regular variety balloons, come in pearl and matte finish. 12cm, 28cm, 40cm, and 70cm in size.


Double-layer balloons (custom colours)

2 balloons layered together to create a custom shade that is not available in the standard variety. Available in pearl and matte finish. 12cm, 28cm, 40cm, and 70cm in size.

We essentially have to use double the materials to create a custom-coloured garland, thus the higher pricing range. Please note that all pastel colours are custom.


Chrome Balloons

Chrome balloons have an opaque, metallic matte finish. They come in gold, silver, blue, green, pink/mauve, and purple. Available size is 12cm and 28cm (they do not come in bigger size).

Balloon Varieties


Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are clear balloons filled with metallic small confetti. Available colours are gold, silver and rose gold. 28cm and 40cm in size.

Balloon Varieties Balloon Varieties

Orbs Balloons

Orbs Balloons are perfectly round and have a mirror-like finish. They come in silver, gold, rose gold and other select colours. We typically use a mix of 18cm, 25cm and 35cm.

Balloon Varieties Balloon Varieties