Please check availability with us before you place an order. We only deliver to South East suburbs currently.

Helium Balloons T&C


  • Refund will only be given if we made mistakes such as delivering the wrong colour balloons or personalisation text, or accidentally popping your balloons during transport. We are unable to provide a refund for any other reason.
  • We inflate your helium balloons first thing the morning, at least a couple of hours before scheduled pick-up or delivery time. Should there be any faults (e.g. pinhole, etc), we will know before the balloons are handed to you. Once the balloons are in your hands we will not be responsible should they pop for whatever reason.

Float time

  • Only order helium balloons to be delivered on the day of the event. We can only guarantee 12 hour float time, beyond this, helium is very much so affected by temperature. Even though we hi-float all of our balloons which should extend float time up to a few days, this is not a guarantee.

Balloon diameter

  • Jumbo latex balloons with or without text, jumbo confetti balloons, gender-reveal balloons - approximately 70cm
  • Bubble balloon - 50cm
  • Orbs - 40cm

Personalised latex balloon

  • After about 8 hours of float time, the text on your jumbo balloon will start to look wrinkly and this is expected, due to the balloon slowly losing helium over time. In colder temperature, this may happen quicker because helium gas contracts. We hi-float all of our balloons to reduce shrinkage however this is unavoidable.

Gender reveal balloon

  • We cannot use hi float on gender-reveal balloon so you may notice text will appear wrinkly quicker. This is expected and not a fault.

Bubble balloon

  • Bubble balloon has the longest float time - they generally last up to 5-7 days in a normal temperature, with no or minimum wrinkles on the text. 
  • We cannot stress enough that bubble balloons are very sensitive to temperature change. If you have air conditioning in the car while transporting them, you may find that wrinkles will appear on the text. On the other hand, if you have heating on, there is a risk of them popping due helium gas expanding and the balloon's inability to stretch (unlike the latex variety). It is your duty of care to keep them in a reasonable room temperature.
  • It is not our responsibility if your bubble balloon pops while they're in your hands.

Picking up your balloons

  • Please make sure there isn't anything sharp in the car that may pop your balloon. Always carry your balloons inside the bag while taking it out of the car especially in a windy day as the string may snap. Take the balloons out of the bag as soon as you get to the destination. 
  • During summer period or warmer temperature, it is crucial not to leave your balloons in side the car for an extended period of time as the helium gas will expand and may cause your balloons to pop. The same rule applies about leaving your balloons outside in the open air.
  • When picking up your balloons, please ensure your car opening is big enough to fit the balloons inside. Once the balloons are made, we cannot reduce its size and it is not our responsibility if they don't fit in your car - no refund will be given.

 Balloon delivery

  • In the rare occasion where your balloons pop during transport while still in our hands, we can only offer a refund and not a replacement.
  • Once your balloons have been dropped off to a safe location, we will take a photo as an evidence. Beyond this point, they are no longer our responsibility in case anything happens to them.
  • When no one at the location is present to receive delivery at the scheduled time, we will try to contact you once. If we can't get through to you, your balloons will be left unattended outside the premises and they will no longer be our responsibility.