How to inflate 11" confetti balloons

Instruction to inflate 11" confetti balloons 

Option 1 - with hi-float

With the neck of the balloon facing upwards, push all the confetti down the bottom and make a barrier with your finger so hi-float gel doesn't get to the confetti. Add a little bit of hi-float and massage around the inside of the balloon, making sure to stay away from the confetti to avoid clumping. Inflate with helium as usual, shaking the balloon to distribute confetti. We recommend this method. 

Option 2 - without hi-float

Inflate the balloon with helium. Once inflated, try gently rubbing the balloon with a dry hand, or against a wool material or your hair. This will create static and should help the confetti stick better. It is not guaranteed that all confetti will stick with this method.  

Please note

Always Inflate balloons to its correct size. 11” means balloon diameter measured across horizontally. Underinflating may result to balloon not floating, while overinflating may result to popping. The rule of thumb is to inflate until the balloon turns pear shape.

Hot environment or sudden change of temperature may also cause balloons to pop.

It is best to inflate your balloons as close as possible to your event (2-3 hours prior) to ensure balloons stay afloat throughout the event. Float time of 11" is approximately 12 hours without hi-float but this depends on the quality of your helium.

It is not our responsibility if your balloons fail to float or confetti not sticking due to incorrect handling.