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Mini balloon garland installation

Your 1m and 2m mini garland comes with strings and 2 x Command™ removable hooks so they can be hung easily on the wall. Not all walls are suitable for these hooks - they will not stick well on surfaces such as concrete, bricks, or wall with oil-based paint.

The best type of wall to hang the garland to are plaster wall, glass window, wooden or acrylic panel. If this is not an option, you can also hang to a curtain rod which in that case, no hooks will be required.

Step 1 

Find the 2 hooks attached to the strings on the garland

Step 2

Make sure the front side of the garland with mini balloons and/or confetti balloons is facing you. 

Step 3

Find a good spot to hang (see above) and give your wall a wipe with dry cloth. Peel the sticker at the back of the hook to expose adhesive, then stick the hook to the wall. Hold the hook there for 5 seconds so the adhesive can bond properly. 

Your garland should look like below.


Note: if the hooks come off, then your wall is either dusty or is not suitable for Command hooks (see above). You can hang your garland to things like curtain rod instead.


To remove the hooks, pull the tab downwards slowly so they come off in one piece. Do not tug as this may damage the paint.