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Ordering balloon gifts?

The short version 

If you're sending a gift to an apartment or a house with security gate, it is your responsibility to give them a heads up prior to delivery date e.g. "leave your gate open" or "I'm sending something your way". If no one is home on the day (or not answering the doorbell) and we cannot access the foyer or front door to leave the balloons, the courier will return the items to our warehouse for someone to pick up that day. Redelivery is charged at an additional cost and is subject to availability.

Always provide recipient's contact number in the delivery address section.

Apartment building

  • Do not send balloon gifts to an apartment building, unless you're 100% sure the recipient will be home. This also applies to a unit with security entrance or a house with security gate without a doorbell. It is illegal to leave balloons outside of an apartment building (or any public space), so your balloons will be sent back to our workshop when no one is home to receive delivery.
  • Please understand that we cannot return at a later time as this is not covered by purchase cost. Courier cost is charged per delivery whether or not it is successful.
  • We would advise you either give them a heads up on the day, or do not proceed with the balloon order and go with alternative items that can be shipped instead (not balloons).

Jumbo balloons

  • Do not order a jumbo balloon as a gift unless you're 100% sure the recipient will be home. This includes jumbo personalised balloons, jumbo confetti balloons, anything with the word jumbo in the title. The jumbo balloons are BIG and not delivered in a bag so they cannot be left outside. If we leave them outside, they will either fly away, pop on a hot day or snap on a windy day.
  • You can order a bunch instead, which comes in a bag and can be tied to their door handle if they're not home.

If there is any problem with delivery involving the above, you have been warned of the risks and no liability is taken should your balloons were sent back to our workshop.