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Ordering A Gift?

Things to check before ordering balloon gifts

  • Does the recipient live in a house with a security gate at the front? Some gates have no doorbell so there is no way to enter the premise. We would advise to tell the recipient to be home or have the gate unlocked so we can leave the balloons at the doorstep. If all else fails, the balloons will be left outside the gate.
  • Does the recipient live in a complex such as a secured unit or apartment building? Someone must be home during the delivery time window to accept the delivery. If the courier is unable to access the foyer, the balloons will be left outside the building and will no longer be our responsibility.
  • Have you entered the correct address? People often miss the unit number or code (e.g. 32A or 50B) or have the street and unit number mixed up (e.g. 920/2 John St instead of 2/920 John St). The courier will deliver at the address provided. If a unit number is not provided, the balloons be left somewhere (e.g. at a common area or with a neighbour) - we are not liable for lost balloons.
  • Have you provided the recipient's contact number? The courier will contact the recipient should there be any issues. We can't stress enough that surprise gift doesn't always work.
  • Please do not order large arrangement and balloon clusters if you're not sure whether someone will be home that day. They are BIG and cannot be left outside. Order a bunch instead which comes in a bag and can be left at the front door.

Redelivery is not available

  • Please note that you have paid for one delivery attempt. The courier will not be able to return at a later time as this is not covered by the purchase cost. 
  • If the recipient is not home, we will leave the balloons in a safe place given that's available. Otherwise if it's not deemed safe to leave balloons (e.g. at a business address, open space warehouse, house with locked gate), your balloons will be returned to the depot for collection (we will let you know where that is). Redelivery, should that option was available, will be charged at an additional fee.